Queen of the South, Season 2

Queen of the South, Season 2

Queen of the South

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2017-06-08
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 13
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From 75 Ratings

Description - Queen of the South, Season 2 Queen of the South FULL SEASON EPISODES

Inspired by the global best-selling novel “La Reina Del Sur” by internationally-acclaimed author Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Season 2 follows the journey of Teresa Mendoza and the sacrifices she must make not only to survive, but to make it to the top of the drug world. Where will she draw the line when her moral code and her destiny are at odds?

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Title Time
1 El Cuerpo De Cristo 41:53 ► Full MOVIE HD
2 Dios Y el Abogado 42:11 ► Full MOVIE HD
3 Un Pacto Con el Diablo 42:07 ► Full MOVIE HD
4 El Beso De Judas 42:11 ► Full MOVIE HD
5 El Nacimiento De Bolivia 42:12 ► Full MOVIE HD
6 El Camino De la Muerte 42:07 ► Full MOVIE HD
7 El Precio De Fe 42:12 ► Full MOVIE HD
8 Sacar Con Sifon el Mar 42:11 ► Full MOVIE HD
9 Solo el Amor De Una Madre 39:42 ► Full MOVIE HD
10 Que Manden a Los Payasos 42:12 ► Full MOVIE HD
11 La Noche Oscura Del Alma 42:12 ► Full MOVIE HD
12 Todas Las Horas Hieren 40:33 ► Full MOVIE HD
13 La Ultima Hora Mata 41:11 ► Full MOVIE HD


  • Love this show

    By tyson37
    What happen with episode 14 I'm wait to see that 😡
  • Best Show

    By KDP_21
    Haven't seen something this good in so long!
  • Good stuff

    By kauaimania
    Fast moving, some contrived situations in every episode, but it keeps the strong story line moving forward in the right direction. Female leads shine here with the men just pawn pieces haha. Is it real? No but theres enough reality in whats gone down with the cocaine business to draw from that makes it plausible enough. Teresa played by Ms Braga is understated but perfect for this role. So far both seasons serve to provide the back story of how she became Queen of the South.
  • Superb

    By jiaSye
    if u watch the season 1, u will definitely go for the season 2, love this drama!
  • So addictive I'm all in!

    By Martinez352

    By Md_gurl
  • Teresa and Camailia!!!

    By JJMJC
    Kept my attention... great story lines... when you think the show will fall off... it keeps building the suspense!!!
  • Yessss

    By "QueenWaddles"
    I don't think I've ever been more addicted to a series than I have this one!! I absolutely love it, it's a must see
  • Great!

    By Moving2011
    This show has me hooked! I bought the first season to catch up and get ready for the second season.

    By 4Ever❤️
    I don't watch tv but saw the last season on Netflix n couldn't wait for the 2nd Season..Am crossing my fingers for a 3rd season...