The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 7

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 7

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Release Date: 2016-12-06
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 21
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Description - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 7 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills FULL SEASON EPISODES

New ladies join the glamorous group of women as “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” returns for a seventh season. Returning housewives Erika Girardi, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Eileen Davidson welcome new housewife Dorit Kemsley and friend Eden Sassoon.

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Title Time
1 Stronger Than Ever 43:01 ► Full MOVIE HD
2 The Buddha Bentley Birthday 43:01 ► Full MOVIE HD
3 Going Commando 43:02 ► Full MOVIE HD
4 Pantygate 43:02 ► Full MOVIE HD
5 Amnesia Appetizers 43:02 ► Full MOVIE HD
6 Compromising Positions 43:01 ► Full MOVIE HD
7 It’s Expensive to Be Me 43:07 ► Full MOVIE HD
8 Boys, Blades and Bag of Pills 43:01 ► Full MOVIE HD
9 Harry's Meat and Gatsby's Fete 43:01 ► Full MOVIE HD
10 Hostile Hacienda 43:01 ► Full MOVIE HD
11 Backed Into a Corner 42:58 ► Full MOVIE HD
12 Feeding a Need 42:58 ► Full MOVIE HD
13 Cake Therapy 42:58 ► Full MOVIE HD
14 Sweet Georgia Jayne 42:58 ► Full MOVIE HD
15 Hong Kong Fireworks 42:58 ► Full MOVIE HD
16 Big Buddha Brawl 42:58 ► Full MOVIE HD
17 From Dogs to Diamonds 42:58 ► Full MOVIE HD
18 Diamonds Under Pressure 43:07 ► Full MOVIE HD
19 Reunion, Pt. 1 43:02 ► Full MOVIE HD
20 Reunion, Pt. 2 43:04 ► Full MOVIE HD
21 Reunion, Pt. 3 43:04 ► Full MOVIE HD


  • Where is part 3 of the reunion?

    By deepred83
    I wish you would be consistent on posting the shows the next day.
  • Apple, you are late as usual

    By Seriously Annoyed, UGH!
    iTunes/Apple and Bravo, you really need to sort things out. Every week there is a delay in uploading the latest episode. I really can't understand how this is so difficult when it seems like every other show is posted in a timely fashion. Stop trying to build driverless cars if you can't manage something this simple. We should all be credited with a refund for this lousy service.
  • iTunes what is the PROBLEM??

    By laurakristina
    ...Where is last nights EPISODE???
  • Episode 20 can only download not stream?

    By Vivland
    Episode 20 can only download - not stream? why?
  • Season 7

    By 8519232Welcome
    I miss Brandi, she really made things interesting. Not sure why but iTunes updates the latest episode a day later, sometimes two days later. I think it has to be on air for a full 24 hours before being posted on iTunes but I could be wrong. That still doesn't explain why some episodes show up later than others.
  • Another week and another late upload

    By Bisc89
    Please upload the third and final episode of the Season! Reunion part 3?!?!?!?!
  • Still no episode... three days later.

    By stead2011
    There was an error with whatever was uploaded for this past week's episode. Nothing plays. Please correct!
  • Love the show

    By Lizard17
    I love this show. My guilty pleasure. The ladies are all so fabulous. I'm just really annoyed at how some episodes take a day to be available after airing. If we bought the season then we should be able to watch it as soon as it would think riiiight.
  • Frustrated

    By Jacquelineblue
    What is up with the slow upload? Why are all the other shows up no problem but not with ROHB.
  • Reunion part 2??? Where is it?

    By OliviaAxo
    Why hasn't part 2 been added yet, I purchased the season pass and really wanting to watch it!