Hunting Hitler, Season 2

Hunting Hitler, Season 2

Hunting Hitler

  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Release Date: 2016-11-15
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 8
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Description - Hunting Hitler, Season 2 Hunting Hitler FULL SEASON EPISODES

CIA veteran Bob Baer and UN war crimes investigator Dr. John Cencich continue their investigation to uncover the true fate of Hitler and the Nazi trail at the end of WWII. Now with access to 14,000 pages of declassified documents, Baer and Cencich deploy dozens of experts armed with the most cutting-edge technology, stopping at nothing to answer questions that have lingered for over 70 years.

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Title Time
1 The Hunt Continues 42:26 ► Full MOVIE HD
2 The Compound 43:12 ► Full MOVIE HD
3 Eyewitness Accounts 43:13 ► Full MOVIE HD
4 The Web 43:12 ► Full MOVIE HD
5 The Factory 43:13 ► Full MOVIE HD
6 The Secret Island 43:13 ► Full MOVIE HD
7 Unmarked Grave 43:12 ► Full MOVIE HD
8 Nazi Colony 43:12 ► Full MOVIE HD


  • wow

    By amirh_j
    perfect perfect
  • Looking Forward to Season 3

    By Nazi_hater_History_Buff
    Everyone should watch this show, especially government officials, academia and historians. I was originally kind of skeptical, but this investigation is turning out to be incredibly compelling. It is fascinating to see such an experienced team uncover what must be one of the most profound hidden stories of our time. I find it concerning more people aren't intrigued by this. If anything, it begs the question, what else do we erroneously believed happened in the past? I hope the history channel keeps this investigation going not just for the entertainment value, but for the sake of history too!